Thursday, 16 January 2014

Check In

So I am finally back from a work course. It's nice to be back surrounded by my lovely low carb foods (but depressing to be back at work). And also, the people I was on the course with were really all very strange. I thought maybe I would meet Mr Right, but it turned out to be a whole lot of Mr So-Wrongs-I-Don't-Even-Know-Where-To-Start.

Weight has bounced up to 178. I was eating a lot of processed stuff, and a lot of salt, so hopefully that will come down with eating clean in the next few days.

Friday, 10 January 2014


Am so excited it is Friday. First full week back at work since Christmas/New Year and it has felt like the longest week EVER. But am now in my PJs, face mask on and looking forward to the weekend :-)

Had a really odd food day today. I had breakfast as normal with coconut oil and then I had a half roast chicken for lunch! So much chicken.... So am writing this now and am not hungry at all. So dinner will probably be a non event. I might have a few bits of cheese later and will just chalk it up to as a very low carb day. 

Weight today was 177lbs. 

P.S Lush's Oatifix mask is absolutely incredible and has saved my skin from looking dull and flaky this winter. When it is on, however, it does make me look like the Thing from the Fantastic Four. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wednesday and Thursday

Sorry I didn't update yesterday. Spent 2 hours trying to update my phone software. But at last it is done. 

Wednesday's Weight - 179lbs
Today's Weight - 177lbs

I was STARVING yesterday. My menu consisted of:

B: Coffee with coconut oil and 2 boiled eggs
L: 3 chicken thighs with garlic
D: Fillet of cod and green beans
S: Low calorie hot chocolate.

Today's menu:

B: Coffee with coconut oil
L: Chicken thigh
D: Chicken stir fry with peppers and spinach and soy sauce.

I found Wednesday a bit tricky. I didn't sleep well the night before, so I think some of my cravings/feeling hungry was linked to my tiredness. My housemate waved a yum yum doughnut thing in my face and I NEARLY caved but didn't. Thankfully. Pleased to see 177 on the scale this morning. Everything still moving in the right direction. 

My other NY's resolutions are going well too. Only 7 more episodes of The Sopranos left (not sure I'll be able to cope when it is over). My snoozing has been better (still not great) and I've been eating breakfast every day and taking my vitamins. Still forgot my friend's birthday though, so I haven't changed that much :-S

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 8

Good Evening All, 

Today's menu:

B: Two coffees with coconut oil
L: 2 boiled eggs
D: Chicken breast stir fried with bell peppers, fajita spices, chilli flakes and cheese.
S: Low calorie mint hot chocolate (5g carbs)

I weighed in today at 178lbs. Absolutely ecstatic to be below both 13 stone and 180 lbs. I don't want to see either of those numbers EVER again.  

My dinner was a bit boring, I meant to grab some salsa on the way home from work, but it still hit the spot. 

I feel in the swing of things now. Haven't felt like eating off plan yet. I've got a night out planned on Saturday and my dress a couple of weeks ago fit, but was horrifically tight and looked awful. I tried it on today and it looks great. People dismiss early losses as water weight, but if it means I fit in my clothes better, who cares? It all counts!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Case of the Mondays

My day couldn't have started any worse. Chucking it down with rain. 30 minutes late for work as somebody got taken ill on my train, and the office Beavis and Butthead were being very vocal right from the word go. ARGH.

Once I got my coffee in, it got a lot better. My coffee with coconut oil today was the best yet. I think I have got the hang of it. Gives me so much energy and I was barely hungry even at lunchtime.

I had two boiled eggs for lunch and a diet 7up.

Then for my dinner I had a fillet of cod, cooked in olive oil, seasoned with salt, pepper and cayenne pepper. I had that with green beans, which I added a smidge of butter to as well. 

Feeling good today. Really think I'm heavily in ketosis now as my appetite has diminished significantly. My skin has also cleared up which I think is thanks to all the water I am now drinking.

I am also following through on my aim for January which is to use all the stairs at all my stations on the way to work, instead of the escalators. Definitely getting easier. The one in the morning is the killer, but I feel pumped for the day afterwards. 

Today's Weight:

180lbs (no change)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Shopping Trip

First things first:

Today's weight - 180lbs. 

Am absolutely over the moon with this. Six days and 9lbs lost. I'm expecting not to lose much next week and for it to level out but I can already notice a difference in my body. Just got to keep it up. 

So I treated myself with a little trip to the sales yesterday. I was only going to go to two shops but Covent Garden got the better of me and I headed into more. :-S

I picked up an underwear set set. It is Masquerade by Panache and it is the Persia collection. It is an absolutely gorgeous bra, and it was on sale, as well as the briefs, so I got the whole set for £29.50. 

I then headed to Covent Garden as I wanted to go to Lush to pick myself up a fresh face mask. I have five empty black pots so it cost me absolutely nothing. I picked up Oatifix which is for dry and sensitive skin, which mine definitely is in the winter months. All the walking in the wind and the rain is good for the thighs, but not so good for the face.

Then I picked up some various bits in The Body Shop and Accessorize, which got me my absolutely favourite purchase below. I saw it before Christmas and fell in love but it was £29. BOOM 50% OFF so got it for £14.50. It's very Daenerys Targaryen

I had to get the sale shopping bug out of my system! I have done so, and now I am happy. 

Friday, 3 January 2014

Dinner - DKells Bolognese with Broccoli

Good Evening All, 

I got let out of work early so it's the perfect time to prepare my world famous (ok, not really) Bolognese sauce. I normally get 4 servings out of this (depending how hungry I am), I will show you the carb count for the whole dish.

500g of mince (I used steak mince)
1/4 onion - you can use more, but I don't like my sauce TOO oniony - 3g carbs

I brown the mince at a fairly high temp to stop it stewing, and then add the onions until they start to go transparent. Then I bring down the temperature and add the tomato purée

Two tablespoons of tomato purée - total 4.8g carbs

Coat that over the mince and then the rest of the ingredients can be added in any order and obviously substitute and add at your will:

2 cloves of garlic - 2g carbs
1 tin of chopped tomatoes - 14g carbs (you might be able to find some better options here)
1/2 tin of water
30ml of red wine vinegar - 0.2g carbs
2 tsps of Tabasco sauce - 0.2g carbs 
Cayenne pepper

Next is Dkells secret ingredient which is Henderson's Relish. Henderson's Relish is a sauce made in Sheffield, England and you can only really buy it there. It's like Worcestershire sauce (but better) and it's also suitable for vegetarians as it doesn't have anchovies in, which W-sauce does. A few dollops of that and it is golden. I can't seem to find detailed nutrition info for it, but it does contain sugar so there will be some carbs in there, but you only need a couple of splashes. - 0.2g of carbs

Finally - Salt, pepper to taste. 

Leave that simmering for at least a couple of hours and voilà. This sauce is EVEN better the next day.

Total is 24.4g of carbs for the whole pot. So for a 1/4 serving it's 6.1g of carbs which I don't think is bad at all. Even if you split it into 3 it is only 8.2g.

I last had this with spaghetti and a mountain of garlic bread :-S 

This time it's with steamed broccoli (much better). The sauce is absolutely beautiful.