Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Week 4 Weigh In

I lost 3lbs last week so am down to 179lbs.

I have just clocked in Day 14 of the Shred and I am loving it. I feel in so much better shape. All my clothes fit better. My skin looks gorgeous and my eating has been pretty good. I'm really busy at the weekends at the moment so my weekends aren't perfect, and am having a few drinks, but in a way it's working out well. This time I feel like this is a lifestyle choice and so if I can still work out and eat sensibly in social settings, those are the skills I need to take with me. Whilst I want quick results, this is not a crash diet.

Delighted with my three pounds.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Week 3 Weigh In

I didn't lose any weight last week. Kind of expected that. I always suffer a massive halt in week 3 as I tend to lose a lot in the first two. I also had quite a lot of alcohol and did eat a few bites of things off plan at the weekend. Nothing major, but I'm sure that didn't help.

It's now Thursday and have gotten right back on track since Monday. I'm about to clock in Day 8 of the 30 day shred. Am really noticing a difference in my clothes. Dresses are now zipping up with no coaxing at all, just one easy motion.

I did sneakily hop on the scale this morning and it read a three pound loss since Monday, but am not clocking in an official weigh in until Monday. But I felt like I was back on track properly and am pleased the scale is moving down again.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Week 2 Weigh In

So Week 2 is all done and dusted and progress update: down another 6lbs. That means 14lbs lost for my Induction(ish) period. I did consume alcohol again this week but all food was 100% induction friendly.

So weight is now 182lbs. Much happier with that. I was so disappointed to be back in the 180s, and not only that, back in the 190s. :-(

I expect weight loss to slow right down now but am still going to be eating induction level foods. I don't feel bored yet, as soon as I do, I will be adding a few more veggies, nuts and maybe even some melon/berries.

I've started the 30 day shred again. Just finished Day 2. Want to try and do it every day in September.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Week 1 Weigh In

I've lost 8lbs. So am down to 188lbs.

Am really pleased with my progress. I've stuck to Induction apart from a few gins Saturday and Sunday. My calories have been quite low so am going to try and up them where possible as I've been getting a few headaches.

I also need more bacon. Mmmm bacon.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Visual Bread Fest

Oh, how I love The Greatest British Bake Off. This week was bread week and it was like a forbidden visual calorie fest. Amazing to watch though, and caused absolutely no cravings. Although it was touch and go with some of those ciabattas. I'm routing for Norman and his fancy pesto. 

Wednesday was another good day. Menu the same as Tuesday. 

I also bought some skin products today to help keep my skin in tip top condition. I've become one of those people who buys water in a can for a fiver. Not sure how I feel about that. 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day 2 - Tuesday

Good second day today. Food as follows:

B: black coffee with coconut oil
L: x3 garlic chicken thighs and a diet coke
D: x2 beef burgers with a yellow bell pepper and a red chilli
S: x1 peppermint tea

Carbs - 16g

A whole chilli may have been overkill for dinner. My mouth was on FIRE!

Did well with my water and have avoided any headaches so far. A few energy dips throughout the day but nothing to be too worried about.


Have gone well and truly off the boil. Really disappointed with myself. No excuses, have just taken my eyes off the prize. Got myself into a vicious cycle of feeling down and depressed, so eating crap, so feeling down and depressed, so eating crap, so feeling down and nauseum.

Am still not in the best of spirits, but have got to stay positive. I can't control other things in my life, but I can control what I put in my body.

I was going to start a whole new blog but I didn't really want to do that. I want this to be a true and accurate reflection of my progress and for 7 months, I have not been focused at all. This is normal and there's no point trying to hide from it. I just need to learn and do better this time. 

Weight update...... 196lbs. Ouch. 

Am going to start weighing Monday morning once a week. Daily weighing had a negative impact on me last time BUT too long a gap between weighing doesn't keep me accountable enough. Monday morning weigh ins will motivate me to keep on track over the weekend. 

Update on my New Year Goals:
 - Get a new job in the field I REALLY want to be in - Nope :(
 - Finish watching The Sopranos - Done 
 - Have Breakfast more often - Now I just need to ensure it's a good low carb breakfast. Bye bye toast. 
 - Stop snoozing for 40 minutes every morning (seriously, this is the biggest addiction I have) - Much better. Still snooze some days, but other days straight up with the alarm.
 - Take vitamins every day - I need to do some research on this, as I need to work out what vitamins are best for me to take. At the moment I am just taking my multivitamin for women.

Monday's Food Diary

Breakfast: Coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil
Lunch: x3 garlic chicken thighs and a diet coke
Dinner: Chicken breast stir fried with a small yellow bell pepper and a red chilli and flavoured with a dash of paprika. (Need to purchase some soy sauce)
Snacks - 60g Port Salut cheese and a half a teaspoon of Branston pickle. x2 peppermint teas

Carbs - 18g

Let's do this thing.