Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Day 8

Good Evening All, 

Today's menu:

B: Two coffees with coconut oil
L: 2 boiled eggs
D: Chicken breast stir fried with bell peppers, fajita spices, chilli flakes and cheese.
S: Low calorie mint hot chocolate (5g carbs)

I weighed in today at 178lbs. Absolutely ecstatic to be below both 13 stone and 180 lbs. I don't want to see either of those numbers EVER again.  

My dinner was a bit boring, I meant to grab some salsa on the way home from work, but it still hit the spot. 

I feel in the swing of things now. Haven't felt like eating off plan yet. I've got a night out planned on Saturday and my dress a couple of weeks ago fit, but was horrifically tight and looked awful. I tried it on today and it looks great. People dismiss early losses as water weight, but if it means I fit in my clothes better, who cares? It all counts!


  1. Yay!!! 178 lbs.!! I'm happy for you, D! I bet that dress will be too big for you to wear by the time Saturday rolls around!

    You are eating next to nothing...I would pass out if I ate like you. Do you use a sugar substitute in your coffee? I love coconut oil, but I have yet to try it in coffee...must be a London thing that hasn't hit the states yet! ;)


  2. Oh thank you. So happy to be under that 180! :-)

    To be honest I usually eat a lot more, but have no appetite at the moment! Ketosis does this for me. It's temporary and my body usually adjusts after a couple of weeks back to my old appetite levels. But keeping the fat high makes it easier. Fat keeps me full for hours, it's carbs that make me hungry!

    I don't use any sugar substitute as I never took sugar in my coffee anyway. I do generally have a diet drink once a day though. I'm trying to cut it out, but for now I still enjoy having a diet coke in the afternoon.

    Oh I actually got the idea from the Americans on the LCF board! A lot there seem to do it, or they have butter in it.

    How are you getting on?

  3. So...we do butter in the coffee? I must say that sounds really gross! I love to use heavy whipping cream-and about 1 TBSP of Splenda. Also, one Diet Coke has GOT to be okay! I'm cutting down too-I really could drink six per day. Tomorrow, I promise you I won't drink more than five-but, I'm aiming for four!

    Another full disclosure moment...I had three tequila & diet 7 Ups this evening. I have had a headache for nearly two days. The drinks seem to make me not care as much if I have a headache! I am safely at home-not driving-and my hubby is stone cold sober...poor thing! Oh, and I didn't have to take any glucose tablets today!

    It's about 11:30 pm here in Atlanta, Georgia...and since I've had a drink...or three!...I should be signing off!

    I'm assuming you'll see this tomorrow, so have a fantastic Wednesday!


  4. Yeah, I'm not brave enough to do the butter thing yet :-S

    Tequila is not so bad. At least it was with a diet mixer. Are you following a particular low carb plan or just cutting carbs in general?