Friday, 10 January 2014


Am so excited it is Friday. First full week back at work since Christmas/New Year and it has felt like the longest week EVER. But am now in my PJs, face mask on and looking forward to the weekend :-)

Had a really odd food day today. I had breakfast as normal with coconut oil and then I had a half roast chicken for lunch! So much chicken.... So am writing this now and am not hungry at all. So dinner will probably be a non event. I might have a few bits of cheese later and will just chalk it up to as a very low carb day. 

Weight today was 177lbs. 

P.S Lush's Oatifix mask is absolutely incredible and has saved my skin from looking dull and flaky this winter. When it is on, however, it does make me look like the Thing from the Fantastic Four. 


  1. Hi D,

    177! So envious-but I don't behave as well as you do, and I'm 43 years old, so I should not expect to get your results! I'm still at 200...I'll probably start losing in a few days. I had a half a Biscoff cookie with mascarpone at the grocery store today...they were giving out samples and I just popped it in my mouth without thinking!! (It was soooo good!)

    I'm just trying to keep my carbs under 20 grams/day. Are you following a certain plan? Next week I'm going to add in some more vegetables. I have a small salad (about a cup) every day. I add bacon, a hard-boiled egg, 5 green olives, about an ounce of shaved Parmesan cheese and 2 TBSP of low carb salad dressing. I love mushrooms, so I'll be adding those into the mix. For dinner today, I made 2 baked chicken leg quarters, 1 large chopped parsnip, and a chopped stalk of celery. I put the veg in the pan first and then covered it up with the chicken. A little salt, pepper, and a TBSP of lemon juice-it was so easy and so good. How do you fit your veggies in?

  2. Hi TC!

    Sorry it's taken me a while to respond. This work course has put me on the back foot.

    Ah man, I LOVE mascarpone. I don't blame you for indulging.

    I'm not really following a certain plan. I will always gravitate towards Atkins because that was the first low carb plan I followed and I achieve the best results with it, and I am really into eating fat. Haha! So am happy to keep my carbs lower for longer and carry on eating lots of delicious fat.

    That dinner sounds lovely. I generally only have veggies at my dinner. It's generally peppers, onions, spinach or broccoli. I can't seem to do salads at the moment, but probably will do that more in summer.