Sunday, 5 January 2014

Shopping Trip

First things first:

Today's weight - 180lbs. 

Am absolutely over the moon with this. Six days and 9lbs lost. I'm expecting not to lose much next week and for it to level out but I can already notice a difference in my body. Just got to keep it up. 

So I treated myself with a little trip to the sales yesterday. I was only going to go to two shops but Covent Garden got the better of me and I headed into more. :-S

I picked up an underwear set set. It is Masquerade by Panache and it is the Persia collection. It is an absolutely gorgeous bra, and it was on sale, as well as the briefs, so I got the whole set for £29.50. 

I then headed to Covent Garden as I wanted to go to Lush to pick myself up a fresh face mask. I have five empty black pots so it cost me absolutely nothing. I picked up Oatifix which is for dry and sensitive skin, which mine definitely is in the winter months. All the walking in the wind and the rain is good for the thighs, but not so good for the face.

Then I picked up some various bits in The Body Shop and Accessorize, which got me my absolutely favourite purchase below. I saw it before Christmas and fell in love but it was £29. BOOM 50% OFF so got it for £14.50. It's very Daenerys Targaryen

I had to get the sale shopping bug out of my system! I have done so, and now I am happy. 


  1. Hi DKells,
    I clicked your linky from the LCF. Congrats on the weight loss! I just restarted LCing today, and I'm making steak for dinner. Bernaise sauce is my favorite, but I'm too lazy to make it today. Good luck...I'll be reading!

    1. Thank you so much for my very first comment! :-)
      Good luck with the restart!
      Enjoy the steak. Sounds delish. I love Bernaise sauce too but have never made it myself. That might be something I try in the future.
      Please keep me posted on how you are getting on!

    2. Hey D,

      I'm honored to be your first comment!

      So, I ended up cutting the steak into thin strips and sauteing it with a knob of butter and some mushrooms...a bit of garlic, too. It was good-but not great! About an hour later, my blood sugar took a dip into the 70' I had to eat two glucose tablets, which had 4 carbs EACH! My blood sugar should level out in the next few days...fingers crossed!

      Full disclosure...I weigh 200 you are way ahead of me!
      Do you weigh everyday? I definitely won't be.

      I'm glad we "met".
      Let me know how you're doing;).